The two guiding philosophies of our firm are service and business practicalities.

First, we understand the most important word in the phrase “legal service” is service.  As a result, whether it be in real estate related litigation or in any form of commercial real property transactions, our fundamental goal is to provide a service to you based on our understanding and application of law.  We show that service in two basic ways.  First, by attending to your legal matters in a timely and efficient manner.  Secondly, we believe that a fundamental aspect of service is to make sure that we are open and clear in our approach to all legal matters, and to make sure that we keep you apprised of the legal and practical aspects of your case so that you can make decisions for the direction of your legal matters based on your understanding of all the issues involved in your case, from dealing with the courts to understanding what the costs will be for the different legal paths you might want to take.

The second guiding principle of our firm is practicality.  We understand the the most efficient way to get something done may often not be the one which requires the most legal hours spent.  When you present us with a case, we immediately look at it to determine whether there are alternative ways to achieve your goal and, if so, we will discuss with you those various alternatives, and especially the most efficient, practical and cost-effective methods to get your transaction closed, your lease written, your company formed or your other legal problems resolved.  Only when you are comfortable with the projected path and the anticipated costs will we then proceed with the legal resolutions that we have worked out together.

We do not handle divorce or criminal matters, or personal injury cases, or worker’s compensation or estate planning matters.  We are a boutique firm specializing in real estate transactions and civil litigation, almost always involving real estate or real estate related companies, partnerships, etc.  We have limited our practice to those areas for almost 40 years, and have a combined experience of more than 70 years of real estate related legal experience which we will bring to help you with your legal issues. 

We understand that we work for you, so that when you let us handle your legal matters, you will be knowledgeable and comfortable about what we are doing, and what we are going to do for you.  We understand that we are one of many law firms in the Denver metropolitan area which can provide you real estate and litigation services, but we believe that you will find that, in our firm, you will always be treated with understanding, respect and the finest of legal services.


Aggressive Representation in the following areas: 

Commercial Areas of Practice:  Real Estate Development, Closings,  Commercial Real Estate Contracts –  office, industrial and retail, Commercial Loan Negotiations, Easements,Construction contracts and disputes, Governmental Development Approvals, Financing, Leasing, Commercial Lessor/Lessee disputes and evictions, Mechanic’s Liens and Foreclosures, Boundary Issues, Title Disputes, Property Management,  Multi-family affordable housing - financing and projects, CCIOA Homeowners Associations, Closings, Contracts, Construction contracts and dispute, Mechanic’s Liens and Foreclosures, Boundary Issues, Title Disputes, Landlord representation for evictions.

Residential Practice: Areas:  Closings, Contracts, Construction contracts and dispute, Mechanic’s Liens and Foreclosures, Boundary Issues, Title Disputes, Landlord representation for evictions











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